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Speech, Language, Feeding, and ABA Services

Welcome to

The Speech Tree!

The Speech Tree is a New Jersey Speech, Language, Feeding, and ABA therapy center.


The Speech Tree is founded on the principle that each child is an  individual  and requires a therapy plan that is specialized and parent-driven.  Family education and involvement are key factors in a  child’s  success, therefore family members are invited to actively  participate in  treatment.  Choosing the right therapist is one  of the most  important decisions that a parent can make for their child.  We are dedicated to providing the most effective therapy, while creating a fun and playful environment for your child.

Our Talented and Experienced Clinicians specialize in working with children who present with 



  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Neurological Disorders

  • Developmental Delays/Disabilities

  • Sensory Processing Disorders

  • Pragmatic/Social Language Deficits

  • Congenital Disorders

  • Behavioral Disorders

  • Cognitive Impairments

  • Apraxia of Speech

  • Feeding Delays/Disorders

  • Voice Disorders

  • Gestalt Language Processing

  • Fluency/Stuttering

The Speech Tree

Supporting families.

Celebrating individuality.

Building futures.

Reaching dreams.

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Our Mission

Our mission at The Speech Tree is rooted in a naturalistic approach that positively impacts families. We believe in the inherent potential of every individual, regardless of their challenges. Through our commitment to creating a nurturing environment in every session, we bridge opportunities into pathways for a brighter futures for families.

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Our Story

The Speech Tree was founded in 2009 with the vision of creating a center where families can come to get all the services their child needs in one space.  Since its inception, The Speech Tree has grown to include three multidisciplinary centers across New Jersey in Monmouth, Middlesex and Mercer Counties. 

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Our Vision

Here at The Speech Tree, our vision is to empower individuals and their families using a naturalistic approach. Through our services, we cultivate a safe space where every voice is heard, every challenge is understood, and every person is valued for their unique strengths.
Everyone deserves a voice!

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Why Choose Us?

We are a passionate team of professionals who coordinate care across a multi-disciplinary team including parents, therapists, and other related service providers. We strive to create positive learning experiences that lead to lasting growth and independence.

Every therapist was carefully chosen to join our team based on their ability to support our mission. We are committed to delivering the gold standard in compassionate and effective therapeutic approaches to the children and families we support.

Our administration team supports each family throughout every step of the way.

Getting Started is Easy!


Call Us at 732-617-1500

Our administrative team is here to answer any questions you may have, obtain referral and insurance information, and verify benefits prior to your initial evaluation.



A therapist will interview you to better understand how to support your family, conduct an assessment with your child to gather more in-depth information,  and create an individualized program to best meet your child's needs.



Using the individualized plan based on your evaluation, your therapist will provide top-quality 1-on-1 therapy to promote positive growth for your child. Sessions will occur in the setting most appropriate to meet your family's needs and improve your overall quality of life.

Billing & Insurance
We currently accept the following medical insurance plans for Speech, Language, and Feeding services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
AmeriHealth New Jersey
Blue Cross Blue Shield
United Health Care

We currently accept the following medical insurance plans for ABA Services:
Blue Cross Blue Shield

We have also been approved by the New Jersey Department of Education to provide government-funded ABA services in public schools, charter schools, our centers, and in homes.

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